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Comments from service users

Lorraine, wife of Service User David:

“My husband David, at the age of 57, was bed-bound by his latter days of cancer 7 days ago. Home Care Plus arrived at my door and the only way I can describe their care, professionalism and control of any situation was and still is magnificent. They are my Angels and are helping me through this time, I could not do it without them. I consider Lisa, David, Debbie and Lucy friends.”

Mrs B, a review with a social worker:

"Mrs B stated that the carers were all helpful and supportive and she was very happy with the care and friendliness given to her son. Joking, laughing and encouraging him to maintain independence as far as he is able, also the support and kindness given to her."

Anne, wife of Service User Terrence:

“The service Terry is receiving is very good. The carers look after him really well, I am satisfied with the care and couldn’t ask for any more. The carer has a nice personality, the call times are good and he always arrives on time looking smart in his uniform.”

Mr B family:

"We would like to thank all the carers for the commitment, hard work and excellent care delivered on a regular basis."

Mr Young:

"telephoned to thank the care staff for the quality of care given to his wife, he found the carers to be very compassionate."

Mr Davis:

"telephoned to thank all of the carers for the care and quality of service, they could not ask for more."

Mrs R:

"stated that she loved her carer, he was lovely and she felt that the company was ‘one of the best out there."

Mr S:

"praised his carer Barbara, ‘worth her weight in gold – shame she couldn’t work 7 days per week!."

Mrs M:

"called to praise the carers for the excellent care and for Karen ‘making them giggle."

Mrs B:

"Lisa is a lovely lady, always willing to help and is very understanding."